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Chicago - the city of big shoulders and great steaks.

When it comes to steaks, Chicago has much more than the sizzle, it’s got the meat. Guests on this tour will get the sizzle, the smells and the tastes as they learn about the grand history of steaks in Chicago and go to the great steakhouses that serve them.

Chicago Steakhouse Tours is the first excursion of its kind that takes visitors and locals through some of the most historic neighborhoods and to the most iconic steakhouses of Chicago’s rich history. Our guests will take a tour through the River North, Gold Coast and Streeterville neighborhoods via luxury bus and stop at three different Chicago steakhouses to sample a prime cut of meat or a signature dish at each establishment. You will get an exclusive look at what makes each individual steakhouse so special while learning not only the secrets of their steak preparation, but stories of some of the world’s most famous celebrities that have dined and partied there. Each steakhouse has a unique story of its own with it’s own savory flavor. You can decide which you like best. For decades, a favorite question posed to fellow Chicagoans has been, “What is your favorite steakhouse?” Well now you can get a leg up on this question and get the scoop on the how and why your place is the best.

Our guests will tour historic neighborhoods on a luxury bus that is designed for comfort in all conditions. Our tour guides are not only docents on meat and the steakhouses that serve it, but they fill each jaunt between stops with stories of the surrounding neighborhoods and the characters that once walked the streets there. It’s a wonderful combination of sampling tender meats while hearing stories of some of Chicago’s toughest characters. Whether it’s Chicago’s first butcher, a hustler trying to create a new Chicago shoreline or the saviour of the city after the great fire, the area’s characters are almost as alluring as a fine cut of meat...almost.

Don’t worry, this tour is all about the meat. The focus of the majority of stories will be on the history of meat and how it has become a part of Chicago’s culture. Whether it’s the great meatpacking industry that arose in Chicago during the time of the Civil War. Chicago’s massive railroad system allowed for it to be the conduit of moving nature’s gifts of the West to the American settlements of the East. When grains and lumber were making some Chicagoans millionaires, it was meat that made Chicago famous. Learn of the notorious “Union Stockyards” and how they changed everything in America. But also learn of the dark side of the ’Yards’ that makes them so infamous. While learning the history of meat is very entertaining you can also bring home some practical knowledge. Learn what makes a great cut of meat. Learn the physics of how to properly handle, prepare and cook the meat.

This tour is a compilation of everything that is meat from its production to its consumption and is a must do for all meat connoisseurs. It’s also a great way to get free gifts from participating steakhouses for future meals. The Chicago Steakhouse Tour is the easiest way to become a “Steakhouse insider” without actually buying a steakhouse or becoming famous.

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